Car and Truck Towing
We provide towing service 7 days a week all year around. Our 24 hour towing drivers and dispatchers are able help you by sending the right type of equipment and personnel for your towing situation. Our wrecker drivers are fully trained and certified with continuous testing to ensure our trustworthiness and class of service. 
Vehicle Lockouts
Being locked out of your car anytime of the day is enough to ruin your day! Anyone who has driven has been in this position, no matter what the reason for being locked out, we want an immediate solution. We provide the fast and best car lockout service for Nashville and the surrounding area. Our emergency lock out service allows for our tow driver to get you back in your car in a timely manner. 
Jump Starts
Cannot start your car because your battery is dead? Worry no more, Flash Wrecker Service can give you jump start and get you back on the road! If your battery will not recharge, we come prepared with our tow truck to take you to the local battery store.
Tire Changes
You’ve got a flat tire and need a tire change. Flash Wrecker Service is here to help with 24 hour tire roadside assistance.  Whether you’ve got a flat, a tire that’s blown out, a hole or tear in the sidewall, or any other roadside assistance emergency requiring a tire change, we change your tire and get you back on the road quickly. Let us fix it, so you don't have to worry or struggle with how to change flat tires!
Fuel Delivery
We have all tried to stretch our gas mileage, running on empty and praying for a gas station, hoping our luck or car doesn’t run out of fuel. But sometimes you drive too far, and find yourself wondering, "Is there a tow truck near me?" or "How am I going to get to a gas station now?" But with Flash Wrecker Service, running out of gas doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Just a couple simple clicks on your phone and we’ll send fast, reliable, help – with a couple gallons of fuel to get you and your vehicle to the nearest service station. All for a low flat rate.
Winch Outs (Winching) or Extrication
You're stuck in a ditch, not just stuck but really stuck. You and your vehicle found yourself off the road due to snow, ice, rain or maybe you went 4-wheeling and despite your expertise with your off-road vehicle you sunk into the mud.  You need someone near you to handle it.  Flash Wrecker Service can.  Because when bad things happen to cars, we are here to help. If you've ever been stuck in the mud, ice, sand or snow on the side of the road, you know how hard it is to get yourself out.  With Flash Wrecker Service, you’re just a couple clicks away from getting a fast, reliable winch and towing service. So you can get your car out of the ditch and get back on the road.
Low Clearance Garage Towing
You might have always ignored that yellow bar at the entrance of a parking garage but it is very difficult for most of the towing companies to ignore it. What does that yellow bar with bold letters "LOW CLEARANCE” mean? For you, if your vehicle’s height is below the number mentioned on that bar, you can park. For most of the wrecker services, they cannot enter the garage or parking space. For Flash Wrecker service we have solutions for any level of clearance. We can safely tow your car out of any garage or parking. Our towing vehicles are well equipped to tow your car and then remove it safely from all sorts of low clearance garages. So, anyone who is in trouble in a parking garage then call Flash Wrecker Services.
Long Distance Towing
Towing your car long distance does not need to be stressful. Whether you need your car towed across the state or across the country, Flash Wrecker Service will safely and affordably get your car from its current location to where you need it to go. There is no need to search, “long distance towing near me”, Flash Wrecker Service is ready to transport your car, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Accident Recovery
Following a car accident, Flash Wrecker Service is dedicated to your safety and giving you quality and affordable tow truck rates. Here is what we do once we arrive on the scene of an accident: ensure that the scene of the accident and all people involved are safe, clear the roadway of vehicles and debris, work with authorities to ensure accuracy of the investigation, and tow your vehicle to a desired location.